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One size never fits all

In general terms, the bigger the system the better for energy security. The equipment used needs to be of high quality too.

Many high volume sellers sell solutions based on a "one size fits all" principle. This is a sure way to end up with disgruntled customers.

A successful solar implementation is based on three important factors, each one carefully designed:

  • Yield
  • Maximum power supply
  • Storage

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Each one of these factors need to be carefully examined and understood when selecting the components which make up the solar power solution. 

Many people look at their utility bill, but this is not good enough - not always. Looking at a utility bill is a start, but it never tells the true story of the consumption profile. Although not at all to be disregarded, an approach where the utility bill is the only reference for a solar solution almost always leads to some form of contention between customer and installer. 

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