Flamblock Lithium Fire Extinguisher


Flameblock Lithium Black (FLB)  deals effectively with the complex chemical processes prevalent during a Lithium Battery Fire.

The nature of a Lithium Battery fire results in a dangerous and hot self-sustained fire which is extremely difficult to contain, even using proven technology to limit oxygen supply to the fire.

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Why a Lithium Fire Extinguisher?

In science class, one of the experiments used to be to bring a small piece of lithium in contact with water. The result was a volatile reaction with sparks and extreme fire for such a small piece of metal.

A runaway lithium fire is one of the most dangerous and destructive fires due to inefficiency of traditional fire fighting techniques which poses the risk of increased the volatility of the lithium fire with devastating consequences. 

Flameblock Lithium Black Fire Extinguishers are formulated specifically to contain Lithium Battery Fires preventing thermal runaway and removing the continued fire danger after the fire is extinguished.

Available in two convenient 2l or 6l sizes.

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Cools the fire down

Brings the temperature down to below 80°C and keep it cool.

Blocks Oxygen

Suppress fire induced chemical reaction to prevent fire fueling oxygen release.

Discharge the battery

Chemical interference to discharge the battery, preventing further fires after extinguising.

Interrupts Combustion

Remove the source of combustion to break the fire chain reaction.