Flameblock, a necessary add-on to solar systems

Fire extinguisher for Lithium Batteries

In chemistry class, one of the experiments way back was to bring lithium into contact with water. The result was a mighty volatile reaction for such a small peace of metal. I can remember the whole class gasping as soon as the reaction started.

Many scary pictures are circulating showing molten wires or burnt connectors due to various factors. Whatever the reason, imagine a lithium battery on fire with nothing to put the fire out. Traditional fire fighting methods is ineffective.

 Flameblock Fire Extinguisher for Lithium Batteries

  Especialy formulated to fight Lithium Fires, home owners can now be at easy with this handy fire extinguisher at hand.

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Most commercial and industrial buildings need to meet strict fire regulations. That leaves home owners who normally do not have a simple fire extinguisher let alone specialized equipment to fight a volatile chemical fire.

We recently came across the Flameblock Fire Extinguisher for Lithium Batteries. The guys at flameblock really knows their stuff. Yes, it leaves a pretty mess, but it stops the building from burning down.

Just like electrical protection to safeguard expensive solar components, the Flameblock Fire Extinguisher is now no longer an option. It is mandatory accessory to any solar installation.

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