This is the cheapest form of power currently available.

Most marketing material shows an expected life span of around 20 to 25 years for crystalline solar modules with an average degradation of 1% per year. In practice, the degredations seems a lot lower, making solar power even cheaper than anticipated.When considering the life span of a solar system, all things being equal, solar power is the cheapest form of electricity available. Some advantages might not be obvouis - Solar energy is a reliable, completely renewable source.

This means that,although there are no sunshine during the nigh, and the intensity might be influenced by weather conditions, we can always rely on the sun being there every day. Solar cells are quiet. They make not a single peep while extracting energy from the sun.

Solar power generates absolutely no polution. This is perhaps the most important advantage that makes solar power so much more practical than fossil fuels. Fossil fuel burning produces harmful greenhouse gasses, carcinogens and carbon into the precious air that we have to breathe.

Very little maintenance is required. Solar systems does not contain mechanical parts prone to wear and tear. Solar modules are build to last in excess of 25 years without major maintenance. The only maintenance is to clean the surface now and then and to check the cabling every now and again.

Electricity is generated where it is needed. Because of the nature of the systems available, small systems can be installed at the place where the energy is required to be used.