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Optimisation is what we do best. With a 13% Eskom price increase looming and probably even more from municipalities, this customer decided to be ahead of the wave and do something about it. 90% of his daytime use can be saved with the possibility of expansion in the future.

We integrated a grid-tie solar system with his existing pre-paid electricity connection. The system intelligently senses the output of the solar array to stop it from feeding energy back into the municipal grid.

System integration is done in such a way that the system can be expanded in future either by adding generation capacity (more solar panels) or batteries for increased self consumption or both.

Smart meter...
Smart meter to read energy direction
PV Inverter...
PV Inverter mounted
Completed s...
Completed solar array



Interesting Solar Facts

Solar power hold massive potential and long term advantages

This is the cheapest form of power currently available.

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Solar power is the most exciting use of solar energy

When speaking about solar power, we mean electricity.

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  • Inflation

    Keep inflation at bay!

    Electricity Cost Inflation

    Electricity cost is escalating fast. Eskom recently anounced a shocking 12.7% increase in electricity tariffs for 2015. By implementing a solar system, the increase can easily be absorbed, or, if designed right, the cost of electricity can be reduced.