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This system was designed to be able to provide emergency backup to crucial loads in the event of a power failure.

With 2.2kW nominal battery inverter, the system can easily supply power to the essential oads in the event of a power failure.

Closer look...
Closer look at the solar array
PV inverter
PV inverter
PV array wi...
PV array with junction box
Using speci...
Using specialised equipment to get the solar panels to the roof
Battery ban...
Battery bank
Completed s...
Completed solar array



Interesting Solar Facts

Solar power hold massive potential and long term advantages

This is the cheapest form of power currently available.

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Solar power is the most exciting use of solar energy

When speaking about solar power, we mean electricity.

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  • Inflation

    Keep inflation at bay!

    Electricity Cost Inflation

    Electricity cost is escalating fast. Eskom recently anounced a shocking 12.7% increase in electricity tariffs for 2015. By implementing a solar system, the increase can easily be absorbed, or, if designed right, the cost of electricity can be reduced.